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Troubleshooting Errors

I have checked my CSV file many times but I cannot find the mistake and I keep getting an error for invalid recipient.

Common typos in the recipient field include spaces and symbols.

After you have sent the campaign, we will also provide the list of email addresses that bounced under statistics.

Browser Compatibility

We only support Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Internet, the latest Microsoft Edge, and IE 11 at the moment.


Can I see what Postman has before entering a credential?

If you are checking out Postman, you can go through most of the steps before we ask you to enter a credential. This is so that the public officers can learn how to navigate the user interface first before initiating the necessary paperwork for procuring a Twilio account. Without the credentials, we are not able to send the SMS messages.

How would I know that my credentials are working?

Before you send an SMS or Telegram message to citizens, you will be asked to enter your credentials and send a message to yourself to test the credentials. We recommend that you log onto Twilio console so that you can copy and paste in the credentials when prompted.

I don’t know how to find credentials in my Twilio console!

Not to worry! Go to Getting Started - SMS & Twilio for more information.


We want to manage subscriptions like MCI. Is Postman going to support this?

Subscription is currently not in the scope of Postman. It will likely be part of other productivity products under OGP.

We want an audit function so we can check the SMS sent timestamp.

You can check the overall campaign sent status and timestamp on your Postman dashboard after your SMS campaign has been sent. You can also download the delivery report, which provides more details on individual recipients' sent status and timestamps.

Alternatively, you can log in to your Twilio console and search for the relevant phone number. Your agency is the only one that can check through your Twilio account. We will not be able to access it.


Do you offer Whatsapp as a channel? Any plans to do so?

Yes, Whatsapp is in the pipeline. However, do let us know on our feature request form if you have a use case to help us understand how you intend to use it.

Why don’t you support collaborator mode?

Messages sent to the public are usually governed by the communications teams within an agency. We recommend that you contact your communications team before setting up Postman so that the agency is clear on what is sent to the citizens. You can create a common email account or mailing list so that your teammates can see what has been sent out to the public. Postman is a productivity tool and we believe that the governance of the tool should fall under the purview of the agency.


How much does Postman cost?

Postman does not charge any agencies for using our email service, however, if you are sending SMS using Twilio through Postman, Twilio will charge.

How does Twilio charge my agency?

Depending on your usage, Twilio has a few different plans. If you do pay-as-you-go, you only need a corporate credit card on file. It works like a prepaid mobile plan. You top-up certain amounts of money every month and deplete the account as you send SMS. Post-paid mobile plans require you to contact Twilio’s rep and initiate a procurement process that adheres to IM8 guidelines. You can go to SMS & Twilio to find out more.

The procurement process for Twilio

Please go to Workplace and log in using your gov email address to see the full content.

What is the estimated cost of implementing Postman's solution?

Please go to Cost Breakdown.

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