Summary of Costs

What will I need to pay?

Using the Postman platform itself to send the SMSes are free.

However, there are 2 other costs that will need to be borne by agencies:

  1. Sender ID registration costs (IMDA)

    • This is charged by IMDA for the registration and maintanence of your sender ID, which is a nation-wide regulation.

    • Total costs - one-time set-up fee of $500 per organisation + $200 annually per sender ID.

    • This is charged regardless of which aggregator you use.

    • Read more here.

  2. Twilio per-SMS costs (Twilio)

    • This is charged by Twilio for each SMS that you send, at USD$0.0415 per message segment of 160 characters to send to recipients with Singapore numbers. Do note that the cost may vary depending on the country code of your recipient's mobile number.

    • Read more here.

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