Step 2: Sign up for a Twilio account

How do I get started with Twilio?

Updated 21 March 2024: We have updated this portion of the guide, where agencies will now have to apply for an account directly with Twilio.

You will now need to create a Twilio account to continue using Postman to send out your messages

Postman does not manage Twilio accounts on behalf of agencies

Before creating a Twilio account

You will need the following before signing up for a Twilio account:

  1. Email address: This email address will be associated with the Twilio account that you are signing up for

  2. Mobile Number: This number will be receiving security codes required when logging into your Twilio account.

  3. Complete your sender ID registration

Creating a Twilio account

  1. Refer to Twilio's documentation on how to sign up for your free Twilio trial to use their messaging service.

  2. Upon signing up for a free account on Twilio, you will be taken to your Twilio Console Dashboard Homepage.

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