Pasting Content from Microsoft Word

Postman now supports direct pasting of content from Microsoft Word to the Postman email template.

The following text formatting styles are now supported for direct pasting of copied content that you may have from other documents like Microsoft Word. These styles are also available in the Postman formatting bar:

  1. Bold

  2. Italics

  3. Underline

  4. Headings (for your easy reference, the following list maps the naming convention in the Postman template to the naming convention used in Microsoft Word)

    • title (Heading 1 in Microsoft Word)

    • subtitle (Heading 2 in Microsoft Word)

    • normal text (Heading 3 in Microsoft Word)

    • header (Heading 4 in Microsoft Word)

  5. Text alignment (left-aligned, right-aligned, centre, and justified text)

  6. Links

    • links can now be directly pasted into the Postman template without the need for using the link icon

  7. Tables

    • simple tables that can be created using the table icon in the Postman template are supported for direct pasting.

    • nested tables (cells/tables within tables) are not currently supported.

  8. Lists

    • nested lists are now supported, in both ordered (i.e. numbering like 1, 2, 3... or a, b, c...) and unordered (e.g. bullet points) formats.

  9. Line spacing

    • to start a new line with a line spacing from the previous line, press the 'ENTER' button.

    • to start a new line without any line spacings from the previous line, press 'SHIFT'+'ENTER'.

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