Custom From Address

Send emails from your agency's own email address

By default, all emails will be sent from Postman's email address

Why custom from address?

There are two main reasons why you might want to set up a custom from address:

First, you wish to send emails using your agency's own email address. We understand that agencies wish to retain their own branding and enhance the perceived legitimacy of their emails by sending emails from their own domains. To achieve this, setting up a custom from address is necessary.

We wish to note that the from name can be changed without changing the from address. The example below highlights the difference between from name and from address:

In the example below, the from name is New Product, whereas the from address is <>.

For more information, see here.

As such, for agencies that do not wish to go through the hassle of setting up custom from addresses, an intermediate solution might be to change the from name.

Second, you wish to send emails with attachments. Currently, we only allow sending of attachments using custom sender email. For more information, see here.

How to set up custom from address?

The following steps outline the process of setting up custom from address on Postman.

Create an account on Postman using the email address that you want to send your email from.

For example, if you want your email to be sent from, you should log into Postman using this email address and generate your API keys on the dashboard.

Do buffer in some time before you embark on this or let us know ahead of time if your request is urgent.

Fill in this form. Please include the following information in your request:

  • Your use case (if you have not shared with Postman team previously)

  • The sender email address that you intend to send your email out from (e.g. <>).

  • Please also inform us of any deadlines so that we can prioritise your request accordingly

Step 2 - Postman will generate and send agency DKIM records

As the DKIM records is manually generated by the Postman team, this may take a few days to a week depending on our availability and the urgency of your request.

Postman team will send you the DKIM records in the form of a .csv file. There are up to 9 records in the file.

Step 3 - Agency to add DKIM records to their DNS

We recommend that you add your records within 3 days of receiving the .csv file to avoid delays.

  • Create CNAME records in DNS (ITSM/DNS Provider) and make sure that you add all records into your DNS. Failure to do so might result in some of your email being dropped.

  • If you have both internet and intranet zones of the same domain, make sure you add it to both zones.

  • If you do not have access to your DNS records, you should speak to your ITD who has access to your agency domain (this is the domain that you want to send the email from, e.g on ITSM.

Step 4 - Postman to add the specified from address into our database

This step establishes a link between our infrastructure and our application code.

Step 5 - Agency to verify if configuration is successful

Postman uses Amazon SES, which may take up to 72 hours to complete the verification process.

To check if the configuration is successful, you can either try sending an email using API or log into Postman portal and see if you are able to select your custom domain e.g to send your campaign.

Sending to Intranet recipients?

Most agency domains would have been whitelisted on Postman but if your domain is recently created and you are not sure if it has been whitelisted, you can reach out to us.

Read this for more information.

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