Getting Started

This page gives you an overview of what to expect when onboarding to Postman Programmatic WhatsApp API.

Updated 25 October 2023 We have stopped onboarding new agencies to the WhatsApp channel

Step 1: Request for access

As WhatsApp channel is currently available on an invite-only basis, you have to send in a request via this form. Please also tell us about your use-case so we can make the appropriate templates available for your account.

Make sure that your account has been whitelisted for this channel before using it. An easy way to check this by logging into the Postman platform and see if you can create a WhatsApp campaign.

Step 2: Generate API Key on

Log in to using the whitelisted email address identified in Step 1 and generate the API Key. This API key will be used to authenticate your requests. You may follow the steps outlined here.

Step 3: Start sendng test messages and integration

Retrieve ID of the message template that you need using this endpoint and send out test messages using the sending endpoint.

Step 4: Communicate go-live date to the Postman team

If you have any feature requests or need additional support, please let us know with an expected go-live date.

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