Step 4: Configure Your Twilio Account

Now that the administrative set-up is done, you can set up your Twilio credentials! Follow the steps here in chronological order. This is a one-time set-up.

You can only start configuring your Twilio account after you have completed the setup.

You will first need to configure your Twilio account to ensure that it is functioning and is mapped to your Sender ID.

Upon configuring your Twilio account, you will be able to obtain the necessary Twilio credentials required for you to input into your Postman campaign. More information can be found in Step 6. Fill in your Twilio credentials in Postman

Before you start, note the credentials you'll need to save-keep to input into Postman:

1. Account SID

An account SID is the unique identifier assigned to your agency account, much like an NRIC number. This is immediately available on your dashboard once you log into your account console

1a. Account SID - Postman v1 campaign settings

Insert your Account SID from your Twilio account console into Postman v1.

2. Your API key SID

To set up your API key for Postman, select API keys & tokens on the side dashboard under Accounts.

Then, create a new standard API key by selecting Create API key.

Create a friendly name for your API key so you can easily identify it in the future, and select Standard as the API key type.

2a. API Key SID - Postman v1 campaign settings

Insert your API Key SID from your Twilio account console into Postman v1.

3. API Secret

When creating your API key, a secret key associated with your API key will be shown.

Save your secret key

Once you lose this secret key or if you do not save it, you will NOT be able to retrieve it again after moving on to the next step

Check the box and click Done.

Make sure you copy and save these details somewhere safe

3a. API Secret - Postman v1 campaign settings

Insert your API Secret Key from your Twilio account console into Postman v1.

4. Your messaging service SID (without buying a phone number)

This is the last detail you need to save before proceeding to Postman.

Note: we used to ask users to purchase a US phone number at USD$1.15. This will enable a one-way messaging ability (from you to recipient). With the implementation of the Sender ID regime by IMDA, this is no longer required - only if you are sending ONLY to Singapore numbers.

However, if you are sending SMSes to foreign numbers, you will still need to purchase a phone number. Otherwise, your messages will not be delivered. Find out how to purchase a phone number here, and follow these steps to set up your messaging service ID. You can ignore the steps below if you are purchasing a phone number.

If you don't have a need to purchase a phone number, follow these steps to obtain your messaging service SID.

Go back to your Twilio home page, and selectSet up a Messaging Service.

On the side bar, click Develop > Messaging > Services > Create Messaging Service.

Name your messaging service and indicate the purpose. This will help you better identify your use cases if you have multiple, and will also help Twilio detect your specific use case quicker should you need their help for troubleshooting.

Set up your alphanumeric Sender ID

Configure your alphanumeric Sender ID by selecting Alpha Sender under Add Senders > Sender Type.

Click Continue. You may ignore the notification indicating that Alphanumeric Sender is not enabled for this account.

Specify the Alphanumeric Sender ID you want to use in the text box. It is best to align this with the Sender ID that you registered with SGNIC.

If the Alphanumeric Sender ID you chose is protected, you will notice either of the two things below.

  • You encounter an error when setting it up on the Sender Pool page

  • You may not receive any message when you send a test SMS

This also means that this Sender ID has been registered by another entity and you will not be able to use it.

Once you have completed the step above, you may click the Skip Setup button below.

After clicking "Skip setup" in the step above, you should be brought to the Properties page of this Messaging Service. On this page, you should be able to find the Messaging Service ID.

4a. Message Service ID - Postman v1 campaign settings

Insert your Messaging Service SID into Postman v1.

Or, watch this video for a visual learning experience!

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