📧Email Campaigns - Basics

Mail merge is painful and takes a long time. Sending emails using Postman is not. Learn how to quickly send mass emails using Postman.

The basics

  • Send rate: 150 emails per second

  • Shared resource: The email service is shared by WoG

  • Max number of emails per campaign: No limit

  • Max number of recipient: No limit

  • Daily cap: 4.5 million emails per day

No prerequisite

Postman will handle the email sending for you. You do not need to do anything to start using our service. Simply log in and start using Postman. Go back to Quick Start to learn how to use Postman.


Free. For more details and comparison among the three channels (email, SMS, Telegram), go to Cost Breakdown.

Customising your Sender Details

You can customise the sender field when creating your campaign in step 1. The email will be received by recipients as “Your agency name`` ``via Postman”, with the default sender email address for all Postman campaigns being donotreply@mail.postman.gov.sg.

You can also choose to send a copy of each email that each recipient in your contact list receives, by clicking on the "BCC to me" checkbox. This will send a copy of each email to your inbox.

We understand that logo refreshes happen from time to time. Logos can only be updated by the Postman team, so when you need your agency logo updated, send a request through our form here, and we will get back to you on the next steps!

How can I format my email?

Go to Formatting and Images.

You can watch the video on Postman's workplace group to go through the set-up.

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