For Recipients

You might be receiving emails from Postman from various government agencies. Our email address is

We will not ask you to transfer money through SMS and email. Please ignore the messages if any government agency asks you to provide your bank details or transfer money to an account. Payment should be done via the government agency's portal. When in doubt, you should check with the agency that sent you the message to confirm the authenticity before any action.

What is Postman?

Postman is a multichannel mass messaging service for the Singapore government.

These channels are available: 1. SMS 2. Email 3. Password protected email (for sensitive info)

Why am I receiving messages from Postman?

Government agencies use Postman's service to send broadcast or personalised messages to the citizens. SMS/Emails/Telegram bot messages coming from Postman are legitimate. When in doubt, you can always reach out to the agency that sent these messages to confirm the authenticity.

How do I check that the email is really from Postman and not a spoofed email address?

Please go to the section on Check Email Authenticity for additional info.

What should I do if I have questions regarding the email or SMS that I received?

Emails: Agencies have a reply-to email address set-up with Postman when they send their emails through Postman. You can click on reply to in your email client to write directly to the agency of interest if you have additional questions.

SMS: Agencies are advised to include a hotline to address queries. If no phone number is included in the SMS, you can reach out to their contact centre by searching for their hotline online.

I am not the intended recipient!

It is possible that the recipient has changed his or her phone number or email address and thus the message was sent to you by mistake. Please inform the agency so they can reach out to the right person using their backup contact information especially if you think the message is important for the recipient.

I think I might have received a scam message

It is possible that scammers have gotten your contact information and try to impersonate the government. Members of the Public (MOP) can submit a report to the Singapore Police Force (SPF). Check out for more information on how to determine whether or not the message is a scam.

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