Step 6: Fill in your Twilio credentials in Postman!

Congratulations for successfully setting up your Twilio credentials! Now, input these credentials into your Postman account. This is a one-time set-up.

How do I set up?

(If you prefer to watch a video on how to set up, scroll to the bottom of this page)

Click on Settings on your Postman dashboard, and select Add credentials +

Under your Credential Label, enter your registered Sender ID.

Add in your Twilio credentials.

For more information on how to map your Twilio credentials to Postman, refer to 4. Configure your Twilio account when filling up the following details

Then, key in your phone number to validate your credentials.

Receive a success message once your credentials have been validated.

An SMS will also be sent to your mobile number.

Congratulations! At this step, you have completed the set-up.

You can now start sending campaigns with your own credentials. You will be billed by Twilio for the SMSes that you send.

Remove your credentials

If you want to remove your credentials, simply click on the trash can icon beside the credentials that you want to delete.

Deleting your credentials is irreversible. We will prompt you to make sure that it is the right credential that you want to delete.

Here's a video on setting up your credentials, if you prefer!

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