Getting Started

This page gives you an overview of what to expect when onboarding to Postman Programmatic Email API. Onboarding is mostly self-service, with one exception listed below.

If you’re unsure if Postman Programmatic Email API is a good fit, get started by reading the following pages:

Ready to onboard?

Updated 26 September 2023: Postman will no longer be onboarding any new programmatic email API user till further notice.

Here are the following steps to take note to help you onboard more smoothly.

Step 1: Decide on a sender name and from address

You can configure your from address to be either:

  • The default from address:

  • A custom from address (e.g.

This decision will determine if you require our team's support to configure a custom from address. More info on this can be found here.

Step 2: Understand what content you will be sending

To ensure that your content can be sent successfully, you should read these pages ahead of time.

Step 3: If you want to send the emails from your own custom sender email, contact Postman team here

This step is optional, and only needed if you wish to set up a custom from address in step 1.

Setting up custom sender email typically takes agencies up to 2 weeks to complete so make sure you add buffer time for this step. You may refer to this page for more details.

Step 4: Generate API Key on

Log in to using the sender email address identified in Step 1 and generate the API Key. This API key will be used to authenticate your requests. You may follow the steps outlined here.

If you wish to use a custom from address, please note that the email address with which you use to log into Postman must be the same as the address from which you wish to send emails.

Step 5: Start sending your test emails

Refer to the steps here on how you can start sending your first email. Note the specific instructions on the email body, attachments and email tagging and classification.

As you integrate with the API:

Step 6: Communicate go-live date to Postman Team

If you need additional support, let us know your expected go-live date. If you have reached this step independently, do give us a heads up through this form before you go live.

Step 7: Tell us about your experience

We always strive to improve your user experience and it would mean a lot to us if you could take a few minutes to let us know how your experience was by filling in this form.

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