About Postman

Postman is a mass messaging tool for the Singapore Government. These messages can be sent via our web app directly (see campaign guide) or via sms/email API integration (see sms API guide/emailAPI guide).
We've sent out more than 100 million messages from over 90 agencies. These include quarantine orders, COVID-19 test results, and employer notices.
Start using Postman by logging in with your email address!

What can Postman Web App do?

  • Easily customize messages to reach a wide audience: Create a message template, upload a file containing customization parameters, and we will handle the rest for you.
  • Mass send emails: Just click Send campaign and Postman will send those messages out to your intended audience via email.
  • Mass send SMSes: Enter your Twilio credentials under Settings, and Postman will send those messages via SMS. No integration with Twilio is needed.
  • View stats: Keep track of your campaign's progress as it is sending and check back when it is completed.
  • Scheduled sending: Create your campaign but send it out at a later time.

What can Postman email API do?

We provide a modern, cost-effective, and compliant PaaS for government agencies to send programmatic emails and messages. Head over to the email API guide to find out more.

What can Postman sms API do?

Head over to our sms API guide to find out more.

Is Postman secure?

Emails, SMSes and Telegram messages are not 100% secure. Users should be wary of putting sensitive information directly in your message body. Depending on the level of sensitivity, users can consider using recipient-specific, high-entropy links or requiring further authentication to see sensitive information.

Can Postman be accessed on the government intranet?

The Postman web app can be accessed on GSIBs that allows Secure Internet Surfing.

What data can Postman handle?

We use cloud infrastructure so we can handle up to Confidential (Cloud-Eligible) data. For more information, you may refer to the section of our guide on IM8 Policies ( login required).
Normal email/SMS
Non-sensitive to sensitivity low-normal
  • Transaction
  • Notification
  • Information broadcast
  • Receipts
  • Reminders
Password-protected email
Sensitivity high/restricted
  • COVID-19 test result
  • Blood test result
  • Exam test result

Difference between the Web App and Programmatic APIs

Web App: Users can access Postman by going to The web app has a user interface that allows users to send templated messages via campaigns.
Programmatic APIs: Users who manage their own systems could also call our APIs to send messages programmatically. In order to use this feature, you need to generate an API key from Settings in the Postman web app. You can find more by going to our sms API guide/emailAPI guide here.
Access Type
Type of Use Case
Web app
Email, SMS, and Telegram Bot
Manual intervention required email access to log in
You will need to request for a email address from your respective agency if you do not have one.
Email & SMS
Engineering or IT team to send messaging info from the source system to Postman.

Open-source contribution

Postman is open-sourced. Visit our GitHub repo to start contributing to our code. Contributing guidelines can be found here.