Scheduled Sending

Created your campaign, but want to send it at a future date and time*? Postman's scheduled sending feature now allows you to do so, so you no longer have to log in to send campaigns after work hours

*This feature is also available for SMS.

How do I schedule my campaign?

You can schedule your campaign in step 4 of the campaign creation page by clicking Schedule for later.

Select your desired date (day, month, year) and time (hour, minute, AM/PM) by clicking on the icons or typing into the relevant section. Make sure to select a future date and time. Then, click Schedule Campaign.

Note: scheduling for a past time and date will not be allowed.

You will be brought to your campaign preview dashboard, where you can view your scheduled date, time, and schedule details, as well as your email preview.

Can I reschedule a campaign?

Yes! On your scheduled campaign's dashboard, simply click on the Reschedule campaign button. Then, repeat the steps above to reschedule.

Can I cancel a scheduled campaign?

If you would like to cancel your scheduled campaign, again navigate to that campaign's dashboard, then click on the Cancel scheduling button. You will be asked to confirm the cancellation, and your campaign will then be saved as a draft for you to retrieve later.

Where can I view my scheduled campaigns?

On your main campaigns dashboard, you'll see a history of campaigns that you sent in the past, as well as any drafts and scheduled campaigns. The status of your scheduled campaigns will be reflected as Scheduled. Filter for Scheduled if you have campaigns on multiple pages for easy access.

On this page, you can also click on the drop-down button beside the Duplicate bar to reschedule or cancel your campaign.

How will I know when my campaign has been sent?

Aside from viewing the status of your campaign on your dashboard, you will also receive an email from Postman informing you that your campaign has been sent.

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