Variable Fields

You may wish to personalise your emails with variable fields whose content will change depending on recipient information. Postman allows you to do this by the following steps:

  1. Use double curly brackets {{ }} in the message template to indicate a variable field (see the screenshot below for an example). The field will be populated with the recipient's unique test result as reflected in your CSV file (see step 2).

2. In the same CSV file that you upload with recipient information (in step 3 of the campaign creation flow), include the corresponding variable field names and the accompanying information for each unique recipient.

  • text in the variable content fields should not have spacings - instead, replace spacings with underscores e.g. instead of "test result", the variable field in the message template and your CSV file should reflect "test_result".

  • by convention, all text content in variable fields must be in small letters.

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