Email Body

The body field in the request body is the email body. API user can provide the email body in either plain text or HTML format.

Size Limit

The body field can accept up to 1MB of data. If the email body exceeds the size limit, the API will return a 400 Bad Request error.

In fact, we recommend that you keep your email body within 100KB for the following reasons:

  • The larger your email body, the longer it takes for your API call to complete.

  • Popular web clients like Gmail will clip emails that are larger than this size.

    • This means users will have to click on a link to view the full email, resulting in a worse user experience.

    • To track open rates, we embed a 1x1 pixel image in the email. If the email is clipped, there is a chance that the image will not be loaded, thus affecting the accuracy of the open rate. For more information, see this section

    • The exact clipping limit is not known, but it is estimated to be around 102KB.

HTML Sanitisation

The body field passed in the request body will be sanitised to prevent XSS attacks. The exact sanitisation process can be found here.

The easiest way to check the HTML output of your sanitised input is to make use of this email editor.

This same sanitisation process is applied to campaign emails.

Embedding Images

For more information on embedding images within the body of your email, go to this section.

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