☝️Before You Start

If you are an agency user, please read this before you use Postman to send your messages.

Create a common email

Although you can login with your primary email account, we recommend one email account per agency as Postman does not manage users for an agency.

Twilio credentials will be tied to an agency email account. You might have to contact your IT administrator to create a common email account that allows multiple subscribers. The primary advantage of such a set-up is that past campaigns can be seen under one account for audit purposes.

If you think having multiple collaborators on a campaign is important, let us know in here!

Can I have multiple users from the same agency sharing the same account?

Sharing is caring! All users from the same agency should share one account. The rationale behind our set-up is that communications out to the public should be vetted before you press send. Each agency has its own communication guidelines & policy.

We leave it up to each agency to govern its usage of Postman. If you are sending a message broadcast to the entire country, please make sure your use case has been vetted by the Ministry of Communications and Information.

Sign in

Similar to FormSG and Go.gov.sg, no registration is required to use Postman.

Simply enter your .gov.sg email. You will receive an OTP in your inbox for log in.

Since login OTP emails are sent to your WOG email address, you can follow the steps here to use SGMail’s Postmaster feature to forward the OTP email to your phone number. You will then receive the OTP via SMS.

From 3 May 2023, Singpass login for Postman has been removed. Please log in using your gov.sg email accounts.

Start creating your first campaign

Postman is a multi-channel messaging service that allows you to send messages through 3 channels:

However, do note that each channel has its own setup so do navigate to the specific section to find out more.

  • Try out the different channel using our Demo mode.

  • Jump straight to creating your first campaign here.

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