Manage your Unsubscriptions

Recipients requesting to unsubscribe from your campaigns are to be expected. How will you know when they do, and how can you prevent it?

What is an unsubscription, and where can recipients find it in Postman emails?

Postman allows for recipients of email campaigns to indicate their wish to unsubscribe from future emails sent by your agency.

This feature is present at the header of Postman emails, beside the sender domain:

As well as the footer:

Why does an unsubscribe option exist?

In order to comply with Singapore's Spam Control Act and align with international bulk email practices (CAN-SPAM Act or EU’s ePrivacy Directive), all emails sent from Postman contain an unsubscribe option in the standard footer for recipients to unsubscribe to future emails that are promotional in nature, or not to their interests.

As a data controller since you manage the recipient lists, you should also ensure good data control and privacy protection, and respect their unsubscribe wishes.

What does it mean for campaign owners?

As a campaign owner, you will receive a weekly unsubscription digest.

Please exercise your best judgment to determine whether or not to remove these recipients from your mailing list based on the content of your email.

If your email is promotional in nature, please remove these recipients from your mailing list to respect their wishes.

However, if you believe that your emails are essential and/or compulsory in nature e.g. emails informing of medical test results, appointment details, other regulatory/administrative content, it will be your discretion on whether to remove the recipient from the mailing list.

What do I need to know as a campaign owner in Postman?

  1. On your campaign dashboard, you will be able to see how many unsubscribe requests have been made after your campaign is sent.

2. The delivery report on your campaign dashboard provides information on unsubscription requests and the recipients’ reasons for 30 days after sending is completed. This is to help you with cross-checking with your mailing list to ensure these unsubscription requests are honoured.

Do note that if a recipient unsubscribes some time after the campaign is sent, you will still receive the unsubscription notification via email regardless of how long ago the campaign was sent. E.g. if Mary unsubscribes in June, when your campaign was sent in March, you will still receive the unsubscription notification via email in June.

3. In the recipient unsubscription flow, they will be asked for the reason for their unsubscribe request (e.g. they no longer want to receive emails from this campaign, they never signed up, etc.). This helps you gather more information on your campaigns and why people unsubscribe.

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