What if I need to buy a phone number?

Phone number purchase is necessary if you are sending SMSes to foreign numbers. Follow the steps here to purchase a number.

This step must be done before setting up your messaging service ID.

How to buy a phone number?

On the left console, select Develop > Phone Numbers > Manage > Buy a number.

Select the phone number that you prefer.

How to set up messaging service ID with phone number?

You need to create a messaging service and tie the phone number that you bought to this messaging service before you can send SMSes.

Go back to your Twilio home page, and selectSet up a Messaging Service.

On the side bar, click Develop > Messaging > Services > Create Messaging Service.

Name your messaging service and indicate the purpose. This will help you better identify your use cases if you have multiple, and will also help Twilio detect your specific use case quicker should you need their help for troubleshooting.

Add your Sender Pool. Sender Pool is where you configure the sender details such as the phone number you bought, and input your alphanumeric Sender ID.

Click Add Senders.

Add the phone number you purchased to this service.

Select the number you want to associate with this messaging service (if you have more than one).

Then, go back here to continue the set-up of your alphanumeric Sender ID.

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